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An automated content discovery experience branded by your business.

Don't pay for costly content licenses.

Vestorly's breakthrough technology is a cloud-based web browser customized by your business. Like all browsers, it renders digital content, tracks all viewer activity such as what they read, where they came from, where they go, and who they share with. But unlike all browsers, it doesn't require a download or plug-in, it can be placed on any webpage, and it's completely customized with your brand – down to the URL.

Curate great content automatically

The Vestorly content engine puts the web at your fingertips.

Search for great content by publisher, topic or keywords. Set up specific content libraries and populate them with with full text articles, video and professional images. You can curate automatically or manually, as well as include your own original content such as PDFs or videos. Vestorly makes all digital content mobile-ready for any device.

Distribute your content automatically

Simpler email and social media marketing with higher engagement.

Simplify your email and social media marketing with automated weekly roundups of your best content picks, whether it be your own original content or great stories from around the web. You can schedule emails and social posts automatically or send them manually at your convenience. Using fresh content in your email marketing increases click-throughs by 3X and all clicks head back your custom content browser where you capture more leads and identify your viewers.

Power up your website.

Stream content to your website and capture more leads.

People sign-in to real-time content experiences 7X more than filling out traditional forms. With Vestorly, you'll enhance your website with fresh content and convert more visitors to subscribers and leads.

See your results.

Finally see the identities of people viewing your content.

Vestorly delivers a new and simplified set of data so you can develop relationships with people viewing your digital content. Instead of worrying about "likes," "re-tweets" and page views, you can monitor meaningful activity of anyone interacting with your business across multiple channels and ultimately make smarter decisions.

“Curating content automatically saves my firm at least 6
hours a week. It would cost us at least $30,000 to pay
someone to run all this manually.”

Peter Woodring, Cypress Partners

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