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At Vestorly, we built a robust content engine that combines a content curation engine, a content marketing platform and a content management system together to surface and deliver relevant curated content.

We call it a Content Management Engine.

The power of our content engine lies in its flexibility to integrate with existing marketing and business platforms and products. Through the no-code solution modules and API integrations, enterprises can provide their customers with the latest content technology tools.

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Vestorly delivers content solutions that address today’s business challenges

Whether it’s for audience engagement, client retention, customer education, content compliance, brand awareness or actionable data insights, Vestorly delivers solutions to leverage content across an entire business landscape.

  • Discover engaging content

    Discover engaging content

    Content discovery is the beginning of the content curation process. It’s the process of finding relevant content for a targeted group or a specific customer segment. It begins by sifting through content from a vast ocean of online-accessible content.

    Content discovery solves the following problems:

    • Positioning
    • Brand awareness
    • Authority (this is especially important for leading search engines like Google)
    • Content inventory
    • Content frequency (can be better controlled in a less time-consuming way with a top-quality content management engine)

    Content discovery is a multi-faceted process. It can start with the primary activity of uncovering and repurposing existing content that’s already performing well.

    We refine it further by tracking down top-notch content that matches your brand. In today’s content-cluttered world, productive, mutually beneficial conversations won’t be triggered if the content doesn’t match or meet target audience expectations.

  • Filter to extract the right content

    Filter to extract the right content

    The right content means content that is relevant, trustworthy, and safe. Vestorly’s Filtering Engine identifies and filters content that meets your specific needs furthering the content curation process. The Intelligently distilled content provides the right resources and seal of approval for content marketing and communication that can be shared with confidence.

    Content filtrations solves the following problems.

    • Creating safe content
    • Producing/presenting content that’s trustworthy
    • Keeping appropriate regulation in mind
    • Adhering to content compliance guidelines
    • Business intelligence
    • Brand integrity (safety)
    • Trademark or brand infringement analysis

    The filtering process provides the inventory necessary to utilize content curation for personalization. By identifying the right content that meets the needs of your target audience’s expectations, both for specific subject matter, compliance and safety issues and specific parameters of relevance.

  • Personalize content for deeper interaction

    Personalize content for deeper interaction

    Content personalization is how you achieve maximum interaction and enhanced engagement with your audience. Vestorly’s Personalization Engine uses Artificial Intelligence , machine learning and Natural Language Processing to learn what topics and content are the most engaging and relevant thereby amplifying the ability to deliver the right content all the time.

    Content personalization solves problems involving:

    • Advanced engagement
    • Conversions
    • Deeper audience interaction
    • Customer retention
    • Account-based marketing connections

    What’s done to achieve maximum interaction with the target audience is what really defines content personalization. This is something we do at Vestorly through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In the content marketing world, AI is a learning-based process that uses data to make inferences by recognizing relevant patterns.

    Vestorly’s content personalization engine completes the intelligent content curation loop. It learns from the interaction of your audience with the content you deliver and continually iterates and improves by recognizing relevant patterns. This AI loop achieves maximum personalization and increased effectiveness of your curated content.

Features that let you leverage content effectively

Features you will love.

Content Discovery

Uncover content from thousands of sources across the web. Import your licensed content, blogs and marketing materials to enhance your content selection.

Content Filtering

Identify and filter content that meets your specific needs. Distill content that is relevant, trustworthy, and safe.

Content Personalization

Nurture your audience with relevant content based on where they are in their buying journey to build relationships and drivemore conversions.

Content Curation

Aggregate content intelligently from both third-party or original content for use in email campaigns or company newsletters.

Email Personalization

Embed dynamic content blocks directly into your email and newsletters that deliver only the most current content.

Website Content Blocks

Embed compelling content from thousands of sources directly into web and landing pages newsletters and emails.

Discovery New Pages

Create a news portal or website news page that presents a collection of relevant articles and news.


Compare engagement across all of their distribution channels; Social Media, Email, Newsletters, and Website.

Content Inventory

Collect and segment content for future use in email and social media marketing. Designate evergreen content.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the most cutting edge advances in AI, machine learning and NLP for intelligent content curation.

Content Compliance

Meet the specific compliance and safety regulations of FINRA, SEC, IIROC, FCA.

Scheduling & Distribution

Schedule content distribution across multiple social and online channels from preselected content categories.

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