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Distribute intelligent content across social media

Source social content with Vestorly’s smart content categories by creating feeds based on topic, keyword, or event.

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Social Media Marketing

When you post an article directly to Social Media the ball is in your reader’s court. Unless someone reads an article and comments on it or reaches out to you, you have no opportunity to establish a real relationship.

When you post an article through Vestorly, you’ll know exactly who reads it, what else they read, and if they shared it with others. You can access their contact information to add them to your email list and continue to engage them more directly and more personally. If the reader is a current client, use the information about their interests and reading history to better understand their goals and reveal business opportunities.

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    Discover Engaging Content

    Discover, filter, and curate content to uncover interesting and relevant content to share and comment on.

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    Build an Inventory of Sharable Content

    Segment and save third-part content or your own content to customizable feeds and categories for future use.

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    Enable Smart filtering

    Train the content engine to filter content based on predetermined parameters and keywords.

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    Automation & Efficiency

    Schedule automatic distribution to social media sources directly from your curated content feeds.

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    Reporting and Analytics

    Get the benefits of an active social media presence amplified by the powerful insights of Vestorly’s analytics & reporting.

Who’s it for

  • Companies that need B2B and B2C personalized communications.
  • Martech companies that need to add personalization features to their platforms.
  • Financial Services and Fintech companies that need current content that builds their brand authority.
  • Enterprise companies that need to personalize communications to their customers.

What’s in it for you

  • Build awareness through social sharing of relevant content.
  • Build content inventories of evergreen content for later use.
  • Use marketing automation platform to schedule posts.
  • Increase engagement through commenting and social sharing.

Features you’ll love.

  • Content curation using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Thousands of content sources to choose from.
  • Filter content based on your specific parameters.
  • Create bookmarks and custom content feeds based on subject, audience, or keywords.
  • In-depth analytics and reporting.
  • Automated scheduling of social posts.

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