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Streamline communications and reduce digital content fatigue

The right content at the right time means more response, more engagement, and more brand equity.

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Content Hub/Content Portal

Vestorly aggregates content and automatically categorizes it based on topic and end-use. By presenting this content in an easy-to-digest format it is easy to deliver content in a streamlined manner. With the ability to integrate original content such as blogs, newsletters, and curated third-party content together in one place the content discovery hub can become a destination bookmark for sales and marketing teams alike.

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    Content News

    Create a webpage that mimics a media news page with curated content that reinforces your brand authority.

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    Thousands of Sources

    Surface compelling third-party content from thousands of online sources.

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    Internal Communications

    Share relevant information and content across your entire business landscape.

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    Content Filtering

    Train the content engine to discover the right content based on keywords, categories, and publishers.

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    Content Inventory

    Build topic-specific content inventory buckets for use in the discovery page interface.

Who’s it for

  • Martech companies that want to stay in touch with their customers with relevant content.
  • Financial Services and Fintech companies that need current content that builds their brand authority.
  • Enterprise companies that need expansive content inventories across their entire business landscape.

What’s in it for you

  • Surface content from thousands of online sources.
  • A continuous supply of quality content at your fingertips.
  • Uncover content that builds your brand authority.
  • Create content feeds based on your customized content sources.
  • Always be in front of your audience with relevant and current content.

Features you’ll love.

  • Website interface that mimics a media news page.
  • Intelligent content curation using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Thousands of content sources to choose from.
  • Customized categories for your specific content.
  • Incorporate your company blog into the discovery page

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