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Content curation

Content curation refers to the act of finding or discovering content from third parties as well as licensed and original content sources. Finding, filtering, and managing quality content at scale is not an easy task unless you utilize an intelligent content curation engine. Vestorly’s AI curates the news, stories, blogs, and articles your audience wants to read based on collected user data and prior engagement history.

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    Discover engaging content

    Surface and aggregate compelling third-party content from thousands of online sources.

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    Customize Your Content Search

    Connect to advanced search tools to discover valuable content from trusted online sources.

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    Filter to extract the right content

    Train the content engine to identify the right content based on keywords, categories, and publishers that meets your specific needs.

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    Build Buckets of Content Inventory

    Build topic-specific content inventory buckets based for use in emails, social media, website embeds, and communications.

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    Power your content marketing

    Populate your email, newsletter, and social media campaigns with quality content that is relevant to your audience.

Who’s it for

  • Martech companies that want to stay in touch with their customers with relevant content.
  • Adtech companies that need a continuous stream of content to drive engagement.
  • Financial Services and Fintech companies that need current content that builds their brand authority.
  • Enterprise companies that need expansive content inventories across their entire business landscape.

What’s in it for you

  • Automated content discovery.
  • Surface content from thousands of online sources.
  • A continuous supply of quality content at your fingertips.
  • Uncover content that builds your brand authority.
  • Easily share content at the click of a button on social media.
  • Create content feeds based on your customized content sources.
  • Always be in front of your audience with relevant and personalized content.

Features you’ll love.

  • Intelligent content curation using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Thousands of content sources to choose from.
  • Filter content based on your specific parameters.
  • Create customized categories based on your choice of topics.
  • Create bookmarks and custom content feeds based on subject, audience, or keywords.
  • Develop a repository of evergreen content.
  • Build an inventory of content for all your communication channels.

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