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Personalize content at scale using Vestorly’s API integration

Develop products and improve solutions with features that turn web content into targeted data feeds.

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API Integration

Whether you want to mine the internet for content, filter and distill content for intelligence or personalize your content marketing, Vestorly’s Content Engine API integrates with your current offerings and products to provide robust solutions for marketing, business developers, and software engineers alike.

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    Search Content

    Connect to advanced search tools to discover and curate content from trusted sources based on keywords, categories, publishers, and locations.

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    Stream Content

    Build feeds of content that are optimized based on your preferences, your first-party audience data, and their content engagement history.

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    Iterative Learning

    Adjust the intelligent content engine to learn to surface optimized content recommendations and turn them into valuable business resources.

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    Automation & Efficiency

    Integrate content directly into your marketing automation, CRM, ESP, or website and optimize content distribution schedules.

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    Analyze and Refine

    Collect audience engagement at the individual level to learn what content is most engaging and update your content streams in real-time.

Who’s it for

API for MarTech
  • Boost your customers’ content inventory for email, social media, and website engagement.
  • Curate news, stories, blogs, and your own content.
API for AdTech
  • Content recommendation platform to increase the effectiveness of email and website ads.
  • Dynamically surface content based on advertising tags and parameters for one-to-one personalization.
API for Enterprise
  • AI-driven content platform to increase audience engagement for email, social, and web marketing.
  • Create content hubs for shared communication across your entire enterprise network.

Features you’ll love.

  • Automated Content discovery
  • Content filtering based on your parameters
  • AI and Machine Learning content curation
  • Content inventory
  • Content personalization based on user data
  • Content blocks for both email and websites
  • User Interface Customization
  • Easy Software integration with full support documentation
  • Content distribution and scheduling

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