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Reduce workflow and risk with intelligent automation

Digital content in the financial services industry is subject to complex regulatory compliance workflows. Vestorly is built to meet the needs of FINRA, SEC, IIROC, and FCA-regulated companies by offering flexible and innovative technology solutions to reduce friction and risk without sacrificing the user experience.

Why use Vestorly’s Robo-Compliance™ solution

  • Intelligent compliance
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    Intelligent Robo-Compliance™

    Harness the power of data science and the network effect of the financial services industry to reduce your workflow and your risk by approving content in real-time and eliminating the bottleneck of content approval. As you train the content engine to allow or deny certain types of content it becomes smarter over time, allowing you to focus on critical tasks instead of approval requests. All approvals are time-stamped for audits and easily surfaced in a conversational user interface.

  • Compliance configuration
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    Configure your content curation engine

    Vestorly’s Intelligence Center™ enables your team to whitelist and blacklist in order to approve or deny any content by topic, publisher, and keyword. This limits the volume of content available to users and can be segmented for different sets of professionals across your network.

  • Content Approval
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    Approve for one. Approve for all

    No more dashboard. Email-based content approval workflow directly to your inbox.

    Crowdsource the content available to your representatives by allowing them to curate it for you. As your compliance personnel approves content selected by representatives, it becomes unlocked and usable for the whole population or desired segments in real-time, eliminating the need to approve requests multiple times. Create feeds of compliance-approved content for others to leverage.

  • Content archiving
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    Archive using the Vestorly Compliance Exchange™

    Vestorly has the power to connect with any email, social media, or website archiving provider through the Vestorly Compliance Exchange™ to help simplify compliant digital communications. This enables integration with any archiving software provider. Digital content shared to a Vestorly library, to social profiles, webpages, and to emails are all captured to meet regulatory requirements.

What’s In it For You? — AI-driven compliance built on a scientific solution

Features you will love

Smart Filtering

Train AI-driven content engine filters safe and compliant content based on keywords, categories, and other compliance rules.

Content Scoring

Return a compliance score for any content based on the probability that it’s a risk for compliance safety.

Compliance Approval

Monitor compliance approvals and workflows with Vestorly’s compliance dashboard.

Email-based Approvals

Replace using dashboards with an email-based workflow sent directly to your inbox.

API Integration

Integrate any Vestorly Compliance Solution including Vestorly Robo-Compliance™ scoring and filtering using the Vestorly Compliance API.

Flexible Workflows

Automatically generate an email or notification for approval to your compliance officer for any content selected for sharing.

Safe Content

Automatically filter out content that meets your safety thresholds or block content by topic or publisher from backlogging your compliance workflow.

Custom Thresholds

Set your own threshold to automatically approve or reject content that falls outside your threshold.

Who’s it for?

  • Financial Services and Fintech companies that need content that meets compliance standards.
  • Health, Insurance, and other companies that need to meet regulatory standards.
  • Enterprise companies that need safe & expansive content inventories across their entire business landscape.
  • Companies that are interested in maintaining a consistent and reliable flow of pre-filtered safe content for communication purposes.
  • fmg suite
  • Hootsuite

“Vestorly’s AI technology coupled with our marketing tools offers a single, comprehensive platform for advisors to communicate effectively.”

— Scott White, President & CEO of FMG Suite

“It’s harder than ever to hold others’ attention, this is why our digital content is powered by Vestorly.”

— Abby Allen, Program Manager Communications, Advisors Excel

“Surfacing content and creating a blog through the Vestorly platform made us thought leaders in our field.”

— Justin Barish, VP Digital Marketing Dynasty Financial

“The level of personalization and the wide variety of content is very appealing … clients today demand content relevant to them. They’re not going to read canned communications.”

— Maureen Duff, BNY Mellon Pershing

“Vestorly’s curated content, along with MetLife original content, enables us to develop a newsletter that positions MetLife as a thought leader.”

— Steve Salesnik, Sr. Marketing Consultant, Metlife

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