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Integrate Vestorly directly into your product to improve client satisfaction, reduce churn and increase ROI.

Vestorly’s No-Code Solution Modules and API Integrations

Vestorly’s no-code content solution modules are ready to be integrated into existing marketing and business solution platforms and products. Used together or individually, they provide a host of features that drive the concrete benefits of increased audience engagement and deeper customer interaction.

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    Vestorly for Content

    Vestorly for Content discovers, filters and organizes content using AI-driven content curation. This core module drives the functionality of the other modules and unlocks their features and benefits.

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    Vestorly for Email

    Vestorly for Email allows for efficient distribution of emails and newsletters. Choose from manual, scheduled or automatically generated distribution options based on time, audience and frequency.

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    Vestorly for Social

    Vestorly for Social facilitates an efficient method for sharing curated content via social media. Choose from manual, scheduled or automatically generated posts based on time, audience and frequency.

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    Vestorly for Websites

    Vestorly for Websites provides a convenient and efficient mechanism for sharing content on websites. Content can be shared on web pages using both dynamic and static embed options.

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    Vestorly for Managers

    Vestorly for Managers uses proprietary Intelligence Center® software that allows for real-time configuration, control and supervision of all account activity.

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    Vestorly for Compliance

    Vestorly for Compliance uses proprietary Robo-ComplianceTM software to harness the power of AI, machine learning, and HITL methodologies to filter content for FINRA compliance.

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    Vestorly for Personalization

    Vestorly for Personalization uses AI, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to train the content engine to learn what topics and content are most engaging and relevant to maximize audience engagement.

Integrations for every product

  • Basic Integration
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    Begin with the basics

    Vestorly’s basic integration package uses SSOs (single sign-on) or IFrames to embed content directly from Verstorly’s content management engine into a marketing or business platform, product, website, landing page, or app.

  • Intermediate Integration
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    Raise your product to a higher level

    The intermediate integration level uses a partial API and/or IFrame integration to enhance your platform or service offering. Partner branding is available.

  • Comprehensive Integration
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    Extract the full power of Vestorly

    The comprehensive integration leverages the full power of Vestorly’s content management engine by adding multiple solution modules to an existing software platform using a full API integration. Partner branding and complete white label solutions are available.

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