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Manage content workflows and safety

Vestorly’s flexible framework provides an integrated control panel that provides advanced management controls to configure and monitor all content and account activity in real-time while accessing a comprehensive range of analytics and data insights.

Intelligent content management for enterprise-level control

  • Configure and Control
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    Vestorly Intelligence Center®

    Vestorly’s Intelligence Center® is an advanced control panel that enables your team to configure, control and supervise all account activity of representatives and their audience. Monitor all accounts in real-time, while accessing enterprise-level intelligence across your organization. Whitelist and blacklist in order to approve or deny any content by topic, publisher, and keyword. Segment content for different sets of professionals across your network.

  • Content Compliance
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    Vestorly Robo-Compliance™

    Harness the power of data science and the network effect of the financial services industry to reduce your workflow and your risk by approving content in real-time and eliminating the bottleneck of content approval. All approvals are time-stamped for audits and easily surfaced in a conversational user interface. Vestorly’s Robo-Compliance™ meets the demands of FINRA, SEC, IIROC, and FCA regulated companies.

  • Content Management
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    Approve for one. Approve for all

    Vestorly provides email-based content approval workflows. As your compliance personnel approves content selected by representatives, it becomes unlocked and usable in real-time for any segment of the user population. Digital content shared to a Vestorly library, to social profiles, webpages, and to emails are all captured to meet regulatory requirements. Connect with any email, social media, or website archiving providers through the Vestorly Compliance Exchange™.

  • Data Analytics
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    Content Analytics and Data Visualization

    Vestorly’s analytics dashboard displays a wide range of insights and data visualizations to explore, sort, filter and export data to gain deep insights into audience engagement and activity. Managers can monitor the activity of their representatives to gauge real-time adoption rates, logins and platform usage. Trending and popular content categories are easily evaluated for actionable insights into audience interests.

Features with tangible benefits

Configuration Control

Allow or block any Vestorly feature. Impersonate or control sub-accounts of individual representatives.

Content Scoring

Score any content based on the probability that it’s approved or rejected for compliance safety.

Compliance Approval

Monitor compliance approvals and workflows with Vestorly’s compliance dashboard.

Email-based Approvals

Replace approval dashboards with an email-based workflow sent directly to your inbox.

API Integration

Integrate any Vestorly Compliance Solution including Vestorly Robo-Compliance™ scoring and filtering using the Vestorly Compliance API.

Flexible Workflows

Automatically generate an email or notification for approval to your compliance officer for any content selected for sharing.

Smart Filtering

Automatically block individual content or content sources that don’t meet your safety thresholds based on topic, keyword or publisher.

Custom Thresholds

Set your own threshold for compliance, safety and evergreen content properties. Automatically approve or reject content that falls outside your set threshold.

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