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Deepening relationships with clients

fmg suite

FMG Suite provides marketing automation and creative content solutions for financial professionals. Working with their clients, they provide automated marketing tools and award-winning educational content.

The Challenge

Automated content curation that integrates into a single marketing platform.

FMG Suite knew they had to find automated, set-it-and-forget-it features that would take care of most of the time-consuming content marketing chores that their clients needed to build a sustainable business. The key was a system that would allow them to focus on what they do best as financial advisors.

From retirement to investing, FMG clients needed compliant content on an array of topics to share with confidence and to build trust at the individual financial professional level. Creating a comprehensive library that included compliance-ready content to help educate and inform and an AI-powered curation engine to help personalize the content marketing feeds was an important component that was needed as an addition to their existing marketing platform.

FMG Suite’s team needed a more intelligent and automated process.

The Solution

An AI-driven content engine.

Vestorly integrated its licensed technology directly into FMG Suite’s already comprehensive marketing platform. This allowed advisors using the FMG Suite platform to personalize their content feeds to better serve the interests of their clients. The new product solution was dubbed “Curator”. The Vestorly AI-powered curation engine helps advisors deepen the relationships they have with their clients, while automatically prescreening the content for compliance.

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The Results

Intelligent content curation that facilitates effective communication.

  • With just a few clicks, customers can now share relevant and timely content from a curated stream of articles.
  • Content can be shared via email or social media that engages and informs the audience of established and prospective clients.
  • FMG Suite can track content engagement and learn their audience’s content preferences to deliver even more personalized and safe content.

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