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Enhancing a marketing platform with content


FMeX helps brands manage their entire content marketing process on one platform by automating content creation, distribution and measurement.

The Challenge

Providing clients with a diversified stream of relevant, safe and compliant content

Financial Media Exchange, which already had what is considered the world’s largest marketing content library available within the financial services industry, wanted to broaden their product offerings. They recognized that it was more important than ever for financial advisors to deliver relevant and timely information to their clients and prospects. Ric McConkey President & CEO of FMeX understood that by offering Vestorly curated third-party content – coupled with their original content library,they would create a unique, comprehensive, and enhanced marketing platform.

FMeX needed to build a larger content library

The Solution

Platform enhancement with ready-to-share curated content

FMeX utilized a comprehensive level API integration of Vestorly’s content curation engine modules into their own existing technology. The Vestorly-powered AI-curation engine was designed to help financial advisors engage and deepen relationships while also automatically prescreening for compliance approvals. The integration provided for continuously updated streams of relevant curated third-party content, from over 70 topic categories to flow directly into the FMeX marketing platform for easy sharing and distribution.

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The Results

Increased content inventory, enhanced audience engagement, and a more powerful marketing platform

  • By utilizing Vestorly’s AI-software, with just a few clicks, financial advisors can share relevant and timely content from a curated stream of articles and deliver them via email and social media.
  • FMeX was able to offer its customer base significantly more compelling content to use for marketing and communication campaigns.
  • Through the enhancement of their platform, FMeX, grew it’s customer base by offering solutions that their audience had been looking for.

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