Automate your
content marketing.

Individual users to global marketing departments use Vestorly to search the Web and scale targeted content marketing in just minutes. Vestorly intelligently curates and delivers your ideal content by email, social media or onto a website, enabling lead generation and relationship intelligence across multiple channels.


Save time and build relationships with the world’s most engaging email.

The average professional service provider spends 8 hours per week creating or picking content for a manually built, one-size-fits-all email newsletter. Vestorly is the savvy alternative to costly, inefficient workflows that lead to mediocre communications and mixed results. No more time consuming arts and crafts to queue up a new weekly newsletter.


Content recommendations powered by Vestorly’s AI content platform and refined by your selected topics, themes, life events, and your audience’s engagement history.

Branded newsletters personalized with AI-sourced and you-approved content for each contact on your email list.

Dynamic contact profiles for your audience that include the identify, contact, engagement behavior, and interests of your contacts based on reading history.

Import and export your contacts through Vestorly or directly connect your Salesforce instance.

Relationship Profiles™ and Relationship Scores™ strengthen your business development with the identity, contact, and behavior of your contacts in real-time.


AI is your friend to drive engagement on social.

Maintaining a constant presence across all social media platforms requires constant vigilance to pick individual articles that are on brand and speak to your target demographic.

Vestorly Social AI™ automates that for you by allowing you to send out an endless stream of targeted content chosen by our intelligent content engine.

Not sure what time of day to schedule your posts? No problem,

Vestorly Social AI defaults to the optimal send time to maximize impressions across your social platform.


Source social content with Vestorly’s smart content categories or by creating feeds based on topic, keyword, or event a specific article with the “More Like This” search.

Auto-populate your content calendar and use Vestorly to ensure you’re posting at the best time.

Automate posting to Facebook. LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Use Vestorly Social AI™ to nurture your audience on social by scheduling sequenced content posts that promote conversations and strong relationships with your social audience.

Want to do more? Check out our Hootsuite Integration


Stream content to your website and increase engagement.

The website is one of the most important statements of your brand, but keeping it updated is costly. Embed Vestorly’s relevant, personalized content into your website alongside your own content and white papers, or create a Vestorly-powered custom content hub to ensure your site is regularly refreshed and you’re keeping your hard-won website visitors engaged.


Automate real-time website content updates and embeds with visualized streams of content based on your content selections and your audience’s engagement habits.

Put Vestorly’s content to work to collect 600% more leads than a standard site by using Vestorly Grow Your List™ to turn your new content hub into a gated resource.

Select a Vestorly content hub layout that matches your website to maintain a consistent brand look and feel.

Build Vestorly directly into your website using
Vestorly APIs — learn more.

Discover Content


Aggregate content from across the web
where you can easily discover and organize content that is most valuable for you with smart searching, filtering, and sorting tools.

Import your licensed content, blogs, marketing materials, and content management system resources into Vestorly to enhance your content selection.

Recommend content based on your historical and future audience engagement so the longer you use Vestorly, the more valuable the recommendations.

Personalize Content Experiences


Continually learns how your audience is interacting with content, and uses that data to recommend content that will drive more engagement.

Nurture your audience with relevant content based on where they are in their buying journey to build relationships and drive more conversions.

Bring your own data to make Vestorly’s recommendations even more personalized for your audience. You can import historical engagement and behavioral data from marketing automation platforms, demographic data, or financial data.

Increase Engagement and Leads


Distribute engaging content across web, social, and email via Vestorly’s proprietary marketing automation tools, or connect your own tools via API for seamless content activation across channels.

Use Vestorly Discover™ to create a highly engaging, personalized content hub for your company’s website powered by Vestorly’s content recommendations. Turn it or any piece of content into a gated lead generation engine on your website using Vestorly Grow Your List™.

Identify Safe Content


Curate and Identify the right content that meets your needs for safe and trustworthy content by applying specific parameters for relevance, language and compliance regulations.

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to train the Content Management Engine to allow or deny certain types of content to surface using Vestorly’s Intelligent Robo-Compliance software.

Analyze & Track Results


Use Vestorly’s Content Performance Score™ and reporting dashboard to understand the impact of your content. Learn what articles and topics are driving the most valuable engagement from your audience to optimize selections.

Track content engagement at the individual contact level, see where valuable prospects are in the buyer journey, and know when to reach out with Vestorly’s Relationship Performance Score™.

Integrate Vestorly Data™ into your own marketing automation platform and CRM to inform prospecting, client relationships, and campaign management.