Win back the power
of engagement.

Built in the most cutting-edge frameworks, Vestorly allows you to quickly and seamlessly integrate into the marketing platforms, apps, and web services you use every day.

Hootsuite Integration

Win back engagement with the right content with Hootsuite and Vestorly.

As a Hootsuite’s Technology Partner, Vestorly’s AI content platform can now empower Hootsuite marketers to engage customers with more relevant, personalized content across social channels. Combining the power of Hootsuite and Vestorly means marketers can streamline content marketing workflows and unlock new opportunities to boost social engagement.


Vestorly-sourced content and dynamic, data-driven content recommendations are available in the Hootsuite platform to help marketers find and share quality, relevant content seamlessly.

Use Vestorly’s content scoring, analytics, and engagement insights to inform content marketing strategy and optimizations, and strengthen customer relationships at scale.

Curate your Vestorly content recommendations and stream your content feeds into Hootsuite Amplify to give your advocates more compelling content to share and boost your company’s reach.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

Leverage the power of Vestorly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Professional marketers on Salesforce Marketing Cloud are delivering next-level customer experiences with Vestorly. Vestorly connects data across multiple sources, including engagement, behavioral, and client 1st party data to deliver personalized communications through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Enhance your Salesforce Marketing Cloud emails with AI-driven content recommendations and Vestorly’s smart email template.

Do everything from one platform — pull your personalized Vestorly content recommendations into Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Analyze engagement and improve content recommendations with bi-directional syncing of content and data.

Measure end-to-end marketing effectiveness with Vestorly content scoring and analytics.

Mailchimp Integration

Personalize your Mailchimp emails with Vestorly.

Vestorly's AI-driven content platform empowers Mailchimp users to send more engaging emails. Simply add a Vestorly block to your Mailchimp email template and Vestorly will dynamically display relevant content based on email theme or the individual recipient to help boost engagement.


Personalize your Mailchimp email templates with Vestorly's intelligent content recommendations using simple drag and drop editing.

Find out what topics resonate most with your audience through Vestorly's content scoring, analytics, and engagement insights.

Curate your Vestorly AI-driven content recommendations or upload your own content to Vestorly to automatically stream into Mailchimp emails.

Salesforce Integration

Get richer intelligence when you sync Vestorly and Salesforce CRM.

Synchronize your Salesforce CRM with Vestorly reading behavior, social media, and interest data to keep your contacts up to date. Leverage Vestorly's AI technology to automatically tag your contacts based on their interests engagement.


Bidirectionally sync your contact data with Salesforce CRM.

Leverage Salesforce campaigns to automatically tag your Salesforce contacts in Vestorly for targeted email delivery and reporting.

Push Vestorly data and insights into Salesforce with custom Vestorly fields.

CGI Integration

Enhance your Vestorly content inventory with CGI.

Drive strategic direction for your Vestorly marketing efforts that will take your brand to the next level. Learn what content topics your contacts are most interested in to create customized content and boost your Vestorly multi-channel engagement.


Leverage Vestorly AI to determine what content is going to lead to the highest engagement.

Create custom content with CGI's strategic planning process that will allow you to sustain control of your brand and untap new new potential.

Manage your brand activity, including message development, media relations, social media, and marketing through CGI.