Vestorly for Social Media

Populate your social media profiles automatically and grow your list of email contacts.

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Premium Content
  • Vestorly integrates your social media activity with your email newsletters by sending clicks back to your website and generating new email contacts for personalized communications.

    Now you can reduce the guesswork and workflow with reliable AI curated streams of news, ideal times to post content, and specific wording to use in each post. Create, mix and match custom streams of articles by topic for each social profile. You can manually schedule your own curated posts or save time by relying on artificial intelligence.


    • Keep your social media profiles up to date by the minute
    • Use Vestorly streams or create your own for different profiles
    • Pick your own content, frequency, timing, and channel, or let AI do it for you
    • Send all clicks back to your website
    • Generate new leads and email contacts from clicks
    Engage your audience with digital content and see immediate results.

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