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Generate and deepen relationships with personalized content in every email.

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Social Media that Runs Itself

AI keeps a fresh social media presence that grows your email contact list.

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A Website that Intelligently Updates Itself

Vestorly for Websites enlivens your site and generates new leads for your emails.

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    How Vestorly Does It

    The core of Vestorly is our own AI search engine

    With access to the entire internet of content, Vestorly aggregates and organizes stories, articles, videos, and news so you don’t have to.

    Vestorly AI can reduce workflows and improve productivity.

    Content matched to each individual relationship

    When you load your contacts, artificial intelligence searches, curates and matches content for each individual with more frequency and precision than a human marketing assistant.

    Curate your content automatically - Vestorly centralizes all your content and puts the web at your fingertips.

    All interaction happens on your website

    Vestorly automatically adds content to your website where visitors can go to read and share. This creates profiles of each of your visitors with data like contact information, social media profiles, reading history, and personal interests.

    Delivered in a modern format people expect

    Vestorly creates and delivers beautifully designed email newsletters on your behalf. These emails are branded as yours, mobile-ready, and send traffic to your website’s embedded browsing experience.

    To grow your email contact list even more, Vestorly also posts to social media on your behalf and updates your website with fresh content.

    Granular reporting possible on your email contacts

    Now you can quantify the effectiveness of your content and the level of engagement each person is showing with the Content Performance Score™ and the Relationship Performance Score™.

    • Relationship Profiles™ and Relationship Scores™ further strengthen your business developement with the identity, contact, and behavior of your contacts in real-time.
    • Content Performance Scores™ put a quantifiable number on every piece of content you share so you can be smarter about your strategy, our check up on your AI marketing assistant.
    • You can also integrate Vestorly Data with Salesforce CRM for prospecting, client relationship management, and campaign management.
    User Profile

    Return on investment

    Vestorly users are seeing real results.

    • Save 8 hours a week on manual workflows
    • Increase click-through rates by 500% on average
    • Grow your new prospect database by 200%

    “Curating content automatically saves my firm at least 6
    hours a week. It would cost us at least $30,000 to pay
    someone to run all this manually.”

    Peter Woodring, Cypress Partners

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