Intelligence Center™

Intelligence for the Enterprise

Vestorly Intelligence Center™ gives you unprecedented control over an enterprise level, giving you the tools necessary to configure, control and manage compliance. It also gives you the ability to monitor your representatives and their audience all in one place.

Vestorly Intelligence Center™

Configuration, control, and compliance

  • Allow or block any Vestorly features
  • Manage content approval workflows
  • Block or whitelist access to real-time web content by topic, publisher, or keyword
  • Impersonate or control dashboards for individual representatives
  • Configure billing and invoicing for representatives across your organization

Monitor activity and status of your representatives

  • Real-time adoption rates
  • Logins and usage
  • Trending content shared by varying segments of representatives
  • Volume of sent and scheduled-to-be sent emails and social campaigns

Audience activity

  • Unique behavior and signup rates of individual readers
  • Representatives’ most active prospects
  • Most read and shared content
  • Trending topics and content types among your representatives’ audience

For business teams of multiple professionals and high volume email senders or custom deployments and agency-level support.