Quality Content Is The Only Content You Should Consider

Quality Content Is The Only Content You Should Consider


Neil Patel, the influential marketing experts exhorts “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” . Was he trying to extinguish the argument that quality is “Job 1”? Absolutely not!

Quality doesn’t mean perfection. Unfortunately we often conflate the two of them.

This is certainly not the case with content. I see that in our rush to push out an ever-increasing quantity of content we risk losing sight of the quality that we actually produce, repurpose and repost. And it may come back to bite us in the arse if we aren’t careful.

Which gives me pause. As a leader in the space of content marketing, do I even know what quality content really is?  And why is quality the better road to take when it comes to content marketing?

There is no doubt that we have access today to truly great content. The advances in AI-driven content management software like the one built by Vestorly can go deep in the ‘content mine’ and surface actual content diamonds in the rough, from hard to identify sources.

Unfortunately, we are also awash in an ocean of truly bad content. Many articles or blogs are laced with facts and conclusions that have not been properly researched or vetted. A lot of content, whether written, visual (videos), and audio (podcasts) is rushed to distribution, not for the purpose of surfacing well thought out ideas or to share new insights rather to ‘game’ the system for SEO and inbound marketing purposes.

Quality content requires preparation, critical thought, and review. It is grounded in a higher purpose beyond the short term values.

“Quality Content has an evergreen coating, giving it a longer ‘shelf life”.

As William Craig wrote in Forbes Magazine  “When it comes to digital marketing, quality trumps quantity and makes your brand more personable in the long run.”

Personalization is now the operative concept and wave of the future in content marketing and it is fueled by quality. It’s a reflection of your values. Your attention to detail. The quality of the content that your company produces or uses in its marketing and branding speaks volumes about you. And finally as content grows into a driver of online commerce by ad-tech companies looking for a hook to serve up digital ads, the importance of quality will become paramount.

Key Takeaways

1. Quality content trumps content quantity in the battle for audience engagement

2. Poor content quality can backfire and can leave a lasting negative brand perception

3. Quality content is more evergreen and stands the test of time

4. Content quality requires adherence to planning, critical thinking, and review

5. Quality is needed in all forms of content, written, visual and audio formats