Why newsletters are the new social media

March 17, 2020


If you’re a business owner and have used social media for marketing, you know that your ROI isn’t always what you hoped for.

Just look at Facebook.

Isn’t it incredibly frustrating that Facebook is continually changing their algorithm, making organic reach virtually impossible? Business owners must spend beaucoup bucks just to get their posts seen on Facebook.

While other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Instagram are certainly less challenging in the algorithm department, business owners have to spend a lot of money on advertising in hopes that users will see their content and convert.

Social media marketing is an expensive and unproductive gamble.

Furthermore, the modern Internet user is spending less time on social media platforms. A recent study from YouGov found that 63 percent of respondents said they’ve lost trust in social media and 22 percent said they use social media less than they did the previous year.

Remember #DeleteFacebook? In 2019 and 2020, users frustrated with Facebook’s business practices left the platform en masse, using the hashtag #DeleteFacebook to publicly declare their departure. Maybe you’re even spending less time on social media, or maybe you’ve noticed your networks getting smaller.

Right now many Internet users are feeling social media burnout. So with Internet users spending less time on social media, social media becoming increasingly expensive AND those dang algorithms, how does a business directly reach out to current or potential users?


We know that sounds a little old school, but trust us: newsletters are the new social media. Need Proof? Just look at are The Skimm and Morning Brew as successful examples. As Skimm co-founder Carly Zaiken said to Business Insider “we’ve seen a resurgence of email newsletters, and a lot of that, we’ve been told, is credited to what we’ve done.”

The Skimm

The Skimm is a subscription-based newsletter that began in 2012 and has since raised over $28.4 million dollars from investors. Fans love The Skimm for its digestible, interesting news and lifestyle content that goes straight to their inbox. The Skimm covers everything from current events to tips on managing your money and health. The newsletter is so popular, as of late 2018 (the most recent public information) it boasted over 7 million subscribers. Part of The Skimm’s success is their Skimm’bassador program, which features over 30,000 ambassadors that bring in 20% of new subscribers.

Morning Brew

Similar to The Skimm is Morning Brew, a daily 5-minute newsletter that gives updates on tech, business, and economics. Started in 2015 by two University of Michigan students, the daily newsletter has ballooned to 1.6 million subscribers, and is growing by the day. Morning Brew also features several successful spin-off newsletters including Emerging Tech Brew and Retail Brew.

Other successful newsletters to check out include The Hustle (tech and business), Robinhood Snacks (financial), and Read This Thing (news). Large online publications have also entered the newsletter space, with Axios, Buzzfeed, Vox, and CNN featuring their own successful newsletters.

Why are some brands creating newsletters instead of websites or curated social media feeds?

There are three (Five) very simple reasons:

  1. Newsletters make money
  2. Newsletters create lead generation
  3. Newsletters are super easy to set up and send out
  4. Newsletters encourage more engagement time
  5. Newsletters can combine all forms of content – written, audio and visual

How do newsletters make money?

There are several ways you can monetize newsletters: charging subscription fees, obtaining advertisers, or selling products are just a few of the ways you can make easy money through your newsletter.

How do newsletters create lead-gen?

Newsletters mean you’ve captured real-life users—not just folks passing through on social media. You can customize and personalize them. And now have their direct attention on your turf. All the social media noise is filtered out. It also means that you have marketing gold: email addresses. In other words, unless they unsubscribe to you, you have a direct connection to them at all times.

Intelligent Newsletter Solutions

There are a number of options for creating and publishing a basic newsletter such as Substack and Revue. The AI-driven platform built by Vestorly goes much further by helping businesses not only set up their own newsletter but makes it far more robust and customizable. The intelligent software that drives Vestorly’s newsletter solution actually learns from the reader’s engagement and delivers content that is tailored to their interests. The result – a newsletter like The Skimm or Morning Brew that increases engagement by up to 300% and website leads by 600%

Let’s get you set up on your free Vestorly account right now and get your newsletter and email engines fired up on all cylinders.