Introducing Your Intelligent Content Marketing Plan

March 1, 2017

Your Intelligent Content Marketing Plan


Understanding Your Intelligent Content Marketing Plan

If you ask most people to describe their approach to understanding and executing a large project or business initiative, you’re likely to hear a thousand variations on a single theme. Before things get too messy, make sure that you have a plan.

We agree! And yet, when it comes down to executing digital marketing initiatives, far too many professionals, wealth managers being no exception, are willing to proceed without a plan. Proceed too far without a plan and you risk losing track of your endgame and severely endangering your chance to succeed.

That’s where your Intelligent Content Marketing Plan comes in. This dynamic and intelligent planning software visualizes the only 5 strategies that count, the only 3 tactics to execute them, and the intelligent actions that contribute to achieving your desired results. The plan is like a report card. It shows you how your firm is performing against the broader network of Vestorly users. To track how your plan is progressing, simply log in to your Vestorly account and view how your actions have contributed to achieving your goals.


The 5 Strategies and 3 Tactics

So what are the strategies and tactics and how can you apply them in your content marketing? The five strategies are laid out along the left hand side of the plan and are best understood by the business need that drives them.

  • Content “What kind of brand am I trying to build?”
  • Client Engagement “What are my clients and prospects looking for?”
  • Lead Nurturing “How can I learn more about my clients and prospects?”
  • Automation “How can I save time during this process?”
  • Lead Generation “How can I continue to get new clients?”

Strategies need to be executed, however, and that is where the tactics matter. Each of these strategies can be applied via one or more of the three tactics available within Vestorly; your website, your email, and your social media

Each of these elements can be wholly understood on their own. Everyone has a website these days, for example, and successful business owners don’t need to be convinced that generating new leads is vital to survival. But it’s not until they are viewed as parts of a larger plan that the true value is revealed.

The logical order of these strategies has been determined after 5 years of data-gathering and user feedback in financial services. Because of that, this plan is a visualization of the most effective actions in the most effective order. An email outreach campaign is not going to be very effective if you don’t have a website to drive people to, hence the website comes before email. And, more importantly, something like lead generation will fail if a content driven nurturing plan is not already active and place. The order matters.


Context for your actions

Once your tactics and strategy are settled on, say using social media to engage your clients, you are going to need guidance on how to put them into action. Your Intelligent Content Marketing Plan has just that. Each intersection of a tactic with strategy displays a progress bar to help you understand how far you’ve progressed and what is left for you to keep working on.

Click any of those bars, and you are presented with exactly what actions need to be taken as next steps. Want to keep engaging your clients on social media? Make sure that you have at least two posts scheduled on Twitter or risk falling behind.

Of course, as a Vestorly user, you’re already a step ahead of your peers when it comes to digital marketing. But to take the next step forward, you need a plan to stick to that matches your business needs. That’s why we developed this plan and, as always, that’s why our Customer Success team is ready to help you stay ahead as the year continues. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.