The Modern and Natural Browsing Experience People Expect

December 9, 2016

Vestorly users have noticed recent improvements to their workflows with an improved content engine and enhanced distribution tools. Now these ease-of-use upgrades extend to your digital audience.


modern reading interface


When readers access your library of content, they are now presented with a layout similar to newspapers, better matching the digital experiences they expect. The layout, imagery, and text previews are all designed to better draw the eye and increase engagement.

The new layout also features your firm’s logo at the bottom right of the page with suggestions of next articles to read. Share buttons remain at the right of the page.

This change was made to provide a more natural web experience in line with the best practices of “web 3.0.” In other words, it looks like the browsing experience consumers are used to now more than ever.

Vestorly’s click-tracking data shows that navigation options on the lower-right-side are most-clicked by viewers. In fact, all major publishing brands place their navigation options here because it is the most native and organic experience and the most likely way to drive clicks.

Additionally, this new navigation and brand-placement avoids any confusion caused by stacking two brands on top of each other, providing a cleaner, more effective experience for viewers, leading to more clicks and engagement.

A more natural design that looks like what consumers expect elsewhere is more likely to keep readers engaged and build good will. Because consumers don’t appreciate contrived experiences serving your marketing purposes, it’s crucial that we don’t ask viewers to change their typical behavior. The idea of Vestorly is to instead harness consumers’ everyday behaviors.

This enhancement will affect your viewers’ experience on desktop, but you can learn more about the mobile experience for viewers here. If you’re interested in bringing a natural, engaging experience to your relationships, request a demo to learn more about Vestorly.