Another Way to Augment Your Website

October 4, 2016

Vestorly users have several options to display curated content on their websites.

financial advisor websites example


financial advisor websites 2

Now, Vestorly users have another option to display content on their websites. The List view displays content in a sleek, modern way:

financial advisor websites 3


This new display is based on certain principles of web design, like strong imagery and a brief introduction to the article, that are enticing to visitors and encourage more clicks and engagement. When interesting, real-time content from trusted sources is displayed like this, visitors are 7x more likely to fill out a sign-up form to access that content, than they are to fill out a standard newsletter signup form.

How to Use It

To update your embedded Vestorly library with this new display, first remove the existing HTML code from your website. Then, follow these instructions to update your website with your content in the List display.