Best Practices: How Should I Find and Add Content to a Vestorly Library?

February 8, 2016

In this series, we’ll highlight the common queries we receive from Vestorly users and our recommendations for best practices.


Finding shareable content is simple with the Find page, which aggregates content from across the web for you, sorts it based on your desired settings to more easily view what you want to share, and adds it to Content Libraries (manually or automatically).

The page includes several tools to minimize your time and effort spent finding and adding content to libraries. Read up on how to use these tools here. This article will go over a few strategies to use them to your best advantage.


Using Custom Sources

The Find page can aggregate content from any webpage, but begins with the most commonly shared. If you want to share articles from another source, you can add it to your list of options.

Consider adding any local sources, specific or niche publications, or quality blogs. Doing so allows you to easily curate articles from other perspectives and sources your audience wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Using Streams

The Find page gathers any recently published articles from across the web, and displays those articles in Streams, which are collections of content from specific sources and topics. Vestorly provides pre-populated Streams based on popular articles in common topics, and you have the option to create custom Streams, which displays content matching your selected sources and keywords.

To best use Streams, correspond suggested or custom Streams with matching libraries. When it comes time to add content to your libraries, you’ll have no trouble finding quality articles for each since you can quickly check the right Stream. Here are a few examples of different libraries and possible Streams used to find content for them:


content for libraries


Streams are completely customizable, so set up many or few general or specific Streams to populate your Content Libraries with the content you want to share.


Using Auto-publish

You have the option to automatically add a selected number of articles from a Stream to a Content Library on a daily basis. For example, publish 5 articles from the suggested Personal Finance Stream to the corresponding library each day. Or, publish 1 article each from the Estate Planning, Social Security, and Long-Term Care Streams into the Retirement library.

Doing so keeps your libraries regularly updated with new content daily, with no time commitment after the initial setup.


Use the Find page and its available tools in conjunction to automate and personalize the sharing process. Read more about how to use the tools here, or get in touch with your Customer Success Associate at for guidance on your best strategy.