The Summer 2015 Vestorly Intern Class

November 19, 2015

Summer 2015 was a big season for us here at Vestorly. The many product launches, feature updates, and reveal could not have been completed without every last member of our engineering team, including our six interns, who arrived from MIT, NYU, Princeton, Columbia, and UPenn.

For four months this year, our interns were part of the Vestorly team, making long-lasting contributions to the Vestorly infrastructure and user experience. They wrote specs, built automated tests, and developed major product features. They assisted on projects and even led their own endeavors. Thanks to their hard work, we’ve rolled out (or will soon) a developer API, a new SDK, new mobile interfaces, test automation, and an HTML browser-rendering tool.

At the beginning of each summer, we work to find new and interesting projects in data science, architecture, algorithms, and design. We pair each intern with a member of the engineering team so each can contribute to these specific projects with the support of a dedicated mentor. They fix bugs, build product features as full-fledged team members, work on cutting-edge R&D, and join us for team events and off-sites.

One of the projects we’re most excited about is our newest application, a full-featured administrator control panel. Thanks to the participation of our intern team, the Vestorly Intelligence Center, which lets enterprises configure, control, and supervise user accounts, is ready for release several months ahead of schedule.

Our interns also helped us relaunch and the resources it offers. They worked on an automated generator which creates sample code to interface with our APIs, making it easy in the future to update samples as we update our code. They also created an interactive REST test tool that allows our developers to play with our APIs.

On the front end, Vestorly’s applications now have far better usability and design, thanks to one intern who developed a style guide and built a new UI for our new mobile app. Her work enhanced the experience for the reader-facing application.

Vestorly is committed to interoperability with other technologies, and one of our interns built an SDK that will allow authorized applications to interact with our APIs with Javascript. Because of this work, it will be much faster for users to integrate customized data from Vestorly into other pages.

We take automated testing seriously, and several interns used Gherkin to build a new automated testing system. Every hour, it spins up a server, runs a set of simulated user interactions, and measures each result.

Vestorly interns can complete such major projects because we give them the resources, mentorship, and responsibility to make it happen. I’ve seen firsthand the talent interns offer when given the opportunity, and know that Vestorly is a stronger company when we build a rich internship program. Several of our interns have already returned for multiple summers, and we’re already looking toward the next. If you’re interested in growing at Vestorly and contributing to the future, get in touch.

And thanks to our 2015 Intern Class!