A Note from Vestorly’s CEO

May 15, 2015

Back when Vestorly’s wheels were just in motion, I shared this picture:

stop marketing

Two years later, it still represents the difficult digital problems for small businesses and enterprises that we’re working to address. If you’ve considered digital marketing, then you’ve been told you need to revamp your website, game SEO, rack up Facebook followers, and buy Google AdWords. If buying “social network ads to beg strangers to talk to us” doesn’t sound like a good plan to you, you’re right. When you have an audience of friends, family, clients, and professionals, engage them, don’t game them.

At Vestorly, our motto is simple: play a game you can win. So we’re applying proprietary browser technology to reimagine content marketing, and allow you to do just that. Our platform encourages you to spend your resources on a content engagement strategy that provides clear return you can measure. If your goal is new clients, take actions that measure success in terms of that goal: new clients. Page views won’t add to your book of business, but we’ve proved that knowing identities and digital reading behavior of a prospect will.

We practice what we preach here at Vestorly: we spend our time and resources providing scalable content marketing tools that produce real, actionable results. You won’t find a costly dashboard cluttered with complex campaign features or advice to pay more for ads. You’ll get the tools you need to engage your digital audience the way they want to be engaged: with real-time, personalized, and mobile-ready news stories right there on your website. And we do so in a way that brings you new and actionable relationships from anywhere you can put a link. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Big things are in motion at Vestorly – the coming months will see feature updates, product improvements, and partnership announcements, all designed to give professionals what they need to engage their audiences and measure the effectiveness of their digital content efforts in a unified way. We take engineering very seriously, and spend our resources to build a platform that enables our customers to use content efficiently across all channels and all devices. Instead of busy work and complex marketing campaigns, Vestorly is focused on a simple experience for you to find unlimited real time content, automatically share it anywhere you want, and finally meet your readers in the form of identities and interests. We’re helping you and the enterprises that support you to uncover a whole new set of data about your readers’ digital behavior and which content works or doesn’t. We’re rethinking the hard problem of content marketing with breakthrough technology and data science to get you the results you’ve been after all along: strong client engagement, actionable prospects, a modern content strategy, and less time implementing it.

On our blog, we’ll bring you more of our practical approach to content marketing and a behind-the-scenes look at Vestorly’s product, technology platform, and team. We’re pleased to have you with us.