Finally, a compliant platform for investment advisors to make new connections.

Why Use Vestorly?

Stay Connected

It’s not performance or fees driving loyal clients, but a trusted relationship through continual interaction. Vestorly allows you to effortlessly automate content and leverage social networks, keeping your clients informed.

Share Your Content

Make no mistake, your clients’ friends and family are looking for better investment help. Vestorly allows your happy clients to not only access your content in one place, but easily and privately share it with people they know.

Grow Your Network

Potential clients can access your space and easily schedule meetings with you on your Vestorly calendar. The more you publish and share, the more your clients will help you grow your network of interested prospects.


  • A:Vestorly is the way for investment advisors to safely and effectively automate new inbound prospects through social content marketing, while becoming better connected to their clients.
  • A: No, but Vestorly solves the problem that Social Media can’t. It’s your private communication platform that operates as an invite-only space for your clients and connections. Unlike social media, all content published here is automatically pre-screened for compliance risks. Also unlike social media sites, all content you publish on Vestorly results in new and actionable relationships.
  • A: No. Vestorly is FINRA and SEC compliant. It removes the risk of testimonials but still enables you to leverage the power of social media. Your clients and connections access and share your content like newsletters, daily market commentary, or simple news articles. Without endorsements or disclosures. They can’t comment on your services to non-clients, only connect you with their network through sharing content, just like they already do.
  • A: Not at all. Vestorly can automate content from all over the Web and allow you to comment on it for your community. You can also post your own original content. It also offers Vestorly Content™, a real-time content library which is updated weekly and available to your firm. Educational content and weekly news round-ups can be quickly edited and shared for the benefit of your clients and connections.
  • A: You and your members can publish notifications and invitations through Social Media and Email, but your Vestorly space is private, and invite-only. Content can only be seen by invited clients and connections, and you can control whether content is for clients, non-clients, or both. For example, a prospect would have to request a personal meeting to discuss specific investment-related issues or become a client to have full access.
  • All your contacts and data in your Vestorly space belong to you. Nothing is ever shared with outside parties or used for “big data” experiments. We use 256–bit SSL encryption to protect your information. Vestorly is also independently verified every day by VeriSign.

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