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Vestorly is personalized, news-driven email marketing curated by AI.

We're using data science to eliminate guesswork around choosing content for your audience, increase engagement, and reduce your marketing tasks.

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"Vestorly is the best email marketing solution I've ever used. It helps fill the void with content and increased our open rates and click-through rates exponentially."

Vestorly Testimonial - Jeff Bradanini, Focus Financial Group Jeff Bradanini, Focus Financial Partners

“It's nice to know that behind your great product there's a team that actually cares about its customers."

Vestorly Testimonial - Brendan Bradley, MBM Wealth Brendan Bradley, MBM Wealth

“Vestorly gives us a way to expand our reach and allows clients to refer us to their friends and colleagues in a way that adds value to everyone.”

Charles Sizemore, Sizemore Capital Management Charles Sizemore, Sizemore Capital Management

“Using Vestorly to stay in the front of my contacts with consistent content is extremely valuable for our firm's exposure, not to mention the return on investment in new client conversions.”

Peter Woodring, Cypress Partners Peter Woodring, Cypress Partners

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Vestorly content management platform

Impactful content for personalized email marketing

Vestorly builds, sends and measures one-to-one personalized emails with news, blogs or your own content. It scales authentic engagement with each of your relationships, reduces your manual marketing tasks, and lifts email engagement rates by 300% on average.